Creative easter egg


Contents: Silk Clay and Foam Clay in several colors, styrofoam, plastic eyes and rolling eyes, tube beads, pearl plate, pipe cleaners, pompoms and glitter pompoms, moss rubber hearts, string for hanging, artificial feathers, glitter glue and eye stalks

Lots of different creative materials for imaginative, light Easter decorations. Inspiration included on the box.


With this creative Easter egg, you have everything you need to get started making fine and light Easter decorations. Be inspired by the illustrations on the box, or use your imagination and glue, models and shape the most beautiful, personal Easter figures.


At Easter, the bright and light colors of the creative universe are usually used as a symbol of the transition to a new and brighter season. Creating creative activities around holidays is an obvious opportunity to talk about culture, traditions and customs, while stimulating creativity and the tactile sense.

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